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Literary Fiction; Historical Fiction


Published by: Milbrown Press
Publication Date: May 23, 2024

Paperback ISBN: 979-8985911329
Ebook ISBN: 979-8-9859113-3-6

Paperback Trim: 6" x 9" - 588 Pages
Available: All major retailers;
Wholesale via Ingram; Overdrive.


written by eric b. miller

On a sluggish Chinese river in 1890, American heiress Alice Sheffield falls for Andrew Croft, the Boston soldier of fortune hired to bring her home. Alice looks past Andrew’s limitations and finds an agile mind willing to take a leap of faith.


Out of the turmoil of this relationship are born two sons who grow up knowing nothing of their parents’ former lives. Autie, a Princeton dropout, goes to war seeking adventure and fame; Rory, a morally adrift playboy, runs aground in the Mediterranean.


Caught up in their lives are Laura Eklund, the adopted sister in love with both since childhood; Lois, a bohemian Greenwich Village savant; Margaux du Pret, Belgian war bride on the brink of suicide; Procter Darlington, a young stockbroker living fast in Gay Nineties New York; and Gregory Haines, a disfigured war veteran running liquor in the early days of Prohibition.


Spanning the end of the Gilded Age to the aftermath of the Great War, Tidewater does not pass the torch from one generation to the next, but tells concurrently the stories of these individuals in a quickening pace where plans go awry and events turn on loves lost and found.

Purchase as a Paperback from your favorite retailer! Also available as a Kindle.

Available at a discount to wholesalers through Ingram. Or inquire with Milbrown Press to purchase multiple copies at a discount for your next book club.

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